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Top 8 reasons why 3D configurators will change the world of e-commerce


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In this article, we will share with you the top 8 reasons we think every e-commerce will have a product configurator in the next 5 years!

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1. Increased conversion rates

Product configurators can increase conversion rates by giving shoppers the ability to customize their products before they purchase them. Happy customers who spent time configuring are being attached to the product they created and are more likely to finish the sales!

2. Increased average order values

Configurators also tend to increase the average order value, as shoppers can add more items to their cart that they like. They are more likely to purchase add-ons and accessories when they are configuring a product.

3. Greater control over the product

With a configurator, businesses have greater control over the final product, as they can specify the exact options and features that are available to users. This is because they can specify what options and features are available to shoppers based on their needs. No more mismatched accessories or cheap alternatives, contextually providing everything in one place create a sense of completion.

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4. More engaging shopping experience

Product configurators can make the shopping experience more engaging for shoppers, as they can play around with different product options and see what they would look like before they buy the product. This is because customers can and want to make more informed decisions when they can view a product with different options before they buy it.

5. Increased customer satisfaction

Allowing users to customize their products can lead to increased customer satisfaction, as they will be able to get exactly what they want. This is because customers are more satisfied when they can configure a product based on their specific/actual and real needs.

6. Competitive advantage

Product configurators can give enterprises a strategic advantage, as they are still relatively new and not all businesses are using them. This is because companies that use product configurators are able to provide a better shopping experience for their customers.

7. Reduced return rate

3D product configurators allow customers to try out product options before purchasing. The configurator allows customers to customize and try out the product to their liking, and once the product is purchased, it will be produced to their exact specifications. This reduces the need for returns. Often configured products feel to the customer more robust and more durable as well as they treat them with more care

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8. Upselling via Digital tween

3D product configurations can provide a digital twin of the product that can be used to obtain information about the product at any point in its lifecycle by the client. Customers then can re-configure it at any time, to provide for more add-ons or find replacement parts as they need. This also increases brand attachment as they won’t need to look elsewhere for such things.

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