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Precomputed Culling

Pixel perfect occlusion system for Unity 3D that will significantly improve the performance of your scenes, without any overhead.
Precomputed Culling

Visibly better culling than Unity


Precomputed Culling

Visibly better culling than Unity

Using time on your computer, precompute/bake your scenes to gain a significant performance boost. The occlusion culling algorithm will find all visible meshes from each point on your scene, using the color-coding algorithm. Then it will save them efficiently and load only when needed.
Heavily occluded scenes like a two-story house with the interior on all floors gained us up to 240% in frame rate!. From 30fps to 72fps on Quest 2. Open world scenes with flat chunked terrain, gained us 10-25%. From 47fps to 60fps on low-end mobile.


5x less vertecies

House without occlusion
House with occlusion

Reduce vertex count by 5x without any loss of quality

This is achieved by baking the scene occlusion data and using it during runtime to cull invisible meshes that hide behind other meshes.

See the comparasion between scene with culling and without, and try to spot the diffrences.
House without occlusion
House with occlusion

Advanced gizmos

Gizmos and Handles

Scale area using Interactive Gizmos

Use all the tools including build-in gizmos for preview and setup

Drag and drop the boxes exactly as you need them to fit into your scene.
Gizmos and Handles

Advanced User Interface

Spot and Cells

Adjust Cells Divisions and Bake spots with Visual Feedback

Preview your changes in the editor with visual feedback!
Spot and Cells

Fast baking time

Area data

Ready to publish? Not yet, I need to bake Occlusion. And it's done!

~4ms per sample to process all the baking spots in no time!

Speed up your release time with baking in batch mode!
Area data

Preview in the editor

Preview bake

Preview your bake result from the editor

Preview your optimizations from the editor. Just press on the spot your place could be in and see if everything looks correct. Debug visual errors from the editor.
Preview bake

Runtime settings

Minimal Required Visiblity

Change minimal required visibility

You decide the quality of the rendering. Add a setting for users with a weaker machine to render less and gain stable FPS!
Minimal Required Visiblity

50% less power

Save GPU power for other effects. Use this extra power for particle effects or better models fidelity

Get Precomputed

Pixel perfect occlusion system that will significantly improve the performance of your scenes, without almost any overhead.

  • Support for urp
  • Supports lods
  • Supports transparency
  • Support for legacy (built-in) and hdrp
  • Improve baking times

Frequently asked questions

Product questions

What is occlusion culling?

How frustum culling differs form precomputed occlusion culling?

When should I use precomputed culling?

How often should I bake culling data?

Why I should use Precomputed Culling over Unity's Umbra or other asset from asset store?


Quick start

Install precomputed culling via package manager

Install Precomputed Culling via Unity Package

Setup Precomputed Culling

Basic usage


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