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How to find good 3D Configurator

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Current eCommerce market

When selling any product, you are trying to present it in the best way possible. So that the customer will choose you, instead of the competition. This process for multiple products can take an army of men and women, that will try to find the best angle for a photo, the best background for a product, the best accessories that will go with the it, and a lot of other smaller things.

Photoshoot of shoes using tablet

This process costs average of few hundred dollars for a single product, to few hundred thousands, when a product is configurable. And each iteration can have major cascading effects on the costs of those photos, as they would need to be redone.

Can we improve?

Old-school methods like photo sessions and 3D rendering are dominating in the market right now. But their days are over. More and more customers start to incorporate 3D elements into their products, to showcase it in the best possible way. But this is not yet the endgame here. This usually costs as much as classical methods and offer worse quality, which is a no go for some companies.

Phone with a 3D model of a chair displayed using AR

The new way of doing things is through so called “product configurators” or configurators in short. Those applications do what was unimaginable even 5 years ago to preset a product in 3D, and allow user to customize it on the fly!

Product configurator

To choose a configurator is no an easy feat either. On the market today there are a few to choose from, but you need to think of what product you want to show case.

 – Clothing? Maybe think of adding prints before checkout.
 – Shoes? Does they come in multiple colors and sizes?
 – Car? Is the realistic look, and are pain reflections important?
 – Bike? Does you clients would like to see each detail from very close?
 – House? Do you want to present high fidelity, with fully furniture interior? 

Configurator of a bike on PC and Mobile

Take for example Threekit. Theirs configurator is not something I would want to have on my website. Loads slowly, lighting simulation look rather non-existent and it’s not overall a good to look at.

To choose the best configurator you need to go with visuals and performance first. 

Configurator solution

The solution would be a configurator from a team that knows that visuals and performance are key to eCommerce. That’s why we at Prographers, gave last 5 years, of our time optimizing the experience to create the best visual experience.

If you wish to see us in action visit this link

and contact us via https://prographers.com/contact


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Tomasz Juszczak

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Founded in 2016 in Warsaw, Poland. Prographers mission is to help the world put the sofware to work in new ways, through the delivery of custom tailored 3D and web applications to match the needs of the customers.

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