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Personalized sales through metaverse


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Metaverse, Metaverse, Metaverse … Metaverse is everywhere. At least it is starting to be, but we don’t realize it. For the older generation, maybe it is just a word, for young people it becomes everyday life. It slowly surrounds us, and enters everyday life. It may take some time to replace our “life as usual” with metaverse avatars, but you need to start looking at this “phenomenon” and watch it carefully.

Online shopping in the metaverse

Where is the easiest way to spot them? Well, the easiest way is to turn our attention to the world of online shopping. Most of the well-known or less known brands, products, and articles are available online. There is nothing to cheat, the world has long turned upside down when it comes to shopping. What was once impossible becomes a fact and even fresh tomatoes can be delivered to your door by courier. But the most important thing is the development of e-commerce itself.

A Person using Knife while Slicing Tomatoes

Maybe it is a relatively new phenomenon, but like every branch of new technologies it is developing dynamically and relatively quickly. What I am striving for. We all do shopping, maybe not counting the indigenous people of the Amazon jungle, but more and more often we use the Internet to do it. According to Jason Goldberg from Forbes, during the COVID pandemic in 2020-21, the use of e-commerce for this purpose increased by 50%. Consequently, we have changed our mindset about purchasing. The most interesting thing is that the trend has not changed and the sales of online stores are still growing and will continue to grow.

E-Commerce Sales Grew 50% to $870 Billion During The Pandemic

E-Commerce Sales by Category 2021 versus 2019
E-Commerce Sales by Category 2021 versus 2019 – US DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE RETAIL INDICATORS DIVISION

Picky Customers vs eCommerce

Hence, a new client appears. A conscious customer, a picky customer, a customer focused on a product that meets their expectations. We don’t want the same shoes, sofas, beds, bicycles or cars anymore. Big brands are starting to notice this. According to David Rippert of enterpreneur.com, Mc’Kinsley’s Next is Personalization 2021 report shows that

71% of consumers still expect brands to deliver personalized interactions, and 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen.


This means, more or less, that companies that do not offer such services lose 3/4 of the potential customers. Quite a lot, right?


A trend in which companies provide the possibility of personalizing their products is becoming noticeable. I recently bought shoes from a well-known sports brand, with the possibility of writing two sentences on the shoe, maybe it was not enough, but it was the driving force to click buy … now I have “left” and “right” shoes, but I have them … good jokes aside.

Enter into metaverse with 3D Configurator

The best tools that will allow us to equate the client are configurators. Just like at the beginning of the operation of online stores, 2D dominated (photos presenting products), now thanks to Metaverse, 3D configurators are entering, and they enter with a very confident step. Let me steal the headline from Rippert: “All roads lead to 3D modeling.” What the author means. Well, the opportunity to see what we dreamed of in a three-dimensional environment becomes a motivator to make a purchase decision. With 3D configurators, you can present everything from modular homes to shoe collections, and guess what? It works! On the one hand, we help in sustainable development, because we exclude the need to produce unnecessary stock parts, which will end up in the basket anyway because the customer will replace them after receiving the product. On the other hand, we give companies the opportunity to switch production to customer demand from mass production, i.e. we cut a large number of costs. Thanks to this, we enter the real “win, win” situation, and the 3D configuration begins to be a gold standard not only in small companies.

So take your future into your own hands, and don’t be afraid of Metaverse, because the digital world will enjoy the real world in ways never seen before.


Michał Łomżyński
Michał Łomżyński

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