25 August

The New Porsche experience could be better.


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You sit at your computer, eagerly awaiting the moment you can finally configure your perfect Porsche. You’ve been dreaming of this day for months, maybe even years. The day when you can finally choose every last detail of your very own Porsche 911.

Porsche configurator
Porsche configurator

The moment the website goes live, you’re ready. You start with the basics: the model, the color, the wheels. But there are so many options and you want to make sure you get everything just right.

You spend hours going over every detail, from the stitching on the seats to the color of the brake calipers. You even agonize over whether to get the sports exhaust or not.

Finally, after what feels like forever, you’re done. You hit the “submit” button and take a deep breath. You can’t wait to see your dream Porsche in person.

A few weeks later, it’s finally time to pick up your car. You walk into the dealership and there it is: your very own Porsche 911, just the way you wanted it. You can’t help but smile as you climb in and take it for a spin.

It feels amazing to finally have the perfect Porsche, and you know that you made the right choice in spending so much time configuring it just the way you wanted.

This could be the perfect story but it’s not!


The Porsche experience

Porsche configurator although good lacks a lot of usability features and rendering quality. The good Porsche configurator, should be more interactive and offer more configurations.

First of all – photos are the old-fashioned way to showcase the product. They are useful to show the final product, but when configuring you want to focus on each detail and knob from all directions.

Secondly, the configurator should fit on one page, having to scroll the page to see how you can change your car and then scroll back to see the changes is just bad design

Thirdly you cannot feel without 3D movement how the car would benefit you. You can go to the dealership but that would not be “your” car.

Mercedes 3D configurator
Mercedes 3D configurator


The solution is to go full 3D and show the car how it is. This would greatly improve the experience and sales conversion. Not that Porsche needs more conversion but our case study showed that it’s greatly beneficial to sales to change the old 2D experience into 3D! Contact us at https://

prographers.com/contact and order your upgrade for e-commerce

Check out here what we did for Mercedes on Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ij2teUpbs8M


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