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360 Photography a tail from the past, welcome in 3D world

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Always increasing competition in eCommerce has made 360-degree product photography a must-have tool for every online retailer that deals in tangible products. The rise of customer expectations has grown at least as quickly as online shoppers have become conditioned to 360-products viewers a part of the experience.

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The epidemic of 2019 has made the pace of that evolution a race, but this trend was already in motion way before lockdown. The internet and mobile devices have made existence more convenient and instantaneous and the way we buy products is no exception. People have long preferred as much control as possible when browsing for products, and technological advances have made it possible for them to have that without even visiting a brick-and-mortar store. However, they also expect the luxuries of that in-store experience, particularly the chance to turn available products over in their hands to be sure they know precisely what they’re considering.

While the digital equivalent of the traditional in-store experience will never perfectly mirror what consumers remember, there are benefits for marketers who choose to utilize 360-degree product photography. Broadly speaking, cost savings, improved efficiency, and reductions in returns are just a few of those benefits. But that was 2 years ago, and the 360 photos feels like 90′. Let’s take a closer look at what is the next big thing after 360 photos will retire.

3D Models

Consumers are expecting more and more image options as time progresses and the eCommerce experience evolves. For example, just a few short years ago, the average consumer was satisfied with just three product images when browsing online. Recently, that expectation has become eight images. Beyond the number of pictures available on an eCommerce site, shoppers are also hungry for more control, empowerment, and interactive opportunities. 3D Model Viewers provide just that.

One experience that gives customers an experience much like the brick-and-mortar days while online is 3D Product configurators for eCommerce. These experiences are precisely what they sound like and you’ve probably encountered them on your own online shopping journeys. Most often, users can click and drag their mouse to turn digital 3D renderings of available products in every direction so they can get an up-close look at the entire item from every conceivable angle. Some experiences go even further by adding options like a zoom feature that enables the shopper to select any area from any angle and magnify it for a clear look at the smallest details.

Product Configurators

Retailers that offer a wealth of permutations and large inventories can save a great deal of money and prevent a lot of headaches by creating product configurations. A product configurator is a digital tool that allows customers to customize a product to their own specifications. Product configurators are commonly used by businesses in the clothing, automotive, and B2B manufacturing industries. They offer a flexible way for businesses to create and showcase a large number of permutations of their products. Product configurators also have the added benefit of helping businesses gather data about their potential customers’ preferences and behavior. Marketers can partner with teams like Prographers to create virtually every permutation available in their inventory and even options that aren’t technically available.

Marketers can partner with teams like Prographers to create virtually every permutation available in their inventory and even options that aren’t technically available.

The benefits of a product configurator go way beyond the customer experience. There is just more data to be collected, what users looked at, for how long, etc. This data can help them with the optimization of the product and the visuals.

From every shade of every color, to every option from every category, product configurators are a fast, economical way to produce thousands of images without ever having to step foot in a photo studio. And as any experienced marketing pro knows, photo shoot costs add up fast. Product configurators are rendering material production, crew costs, and photo development obsolete.

CPQ Data

ECommerce businesses that track theirs users can no longer deny that visuals are essential. 3D Product viewers has advanced leaps and bound in the past decade and today they usually integrate with existing CPQ software seamlessly. This makes sales not only easier and less stressful, but it also adds an element of tech-savvy that impresses most B2B buyers and other eCommerce customers.

When businesses integrate 360-degree product photography with their CPQ software they see a wealth of benefits beyond the eye-catching imagery. They also get the benefits of product configurators mentioned above, meaning potential customers or salespeople can create the perfect solution to fit virtually any business problem in real-time, all alongside their quote. They can even configure custom proposals that are rich with imagery and company branding to be exported immediately at the end of the experience. This all makes for an experience that’s not only effortless, but also personalized to fit the needs and qualities of that specific business.

If you’re a marketer of virtually any tangible product consumers can feel, touch, and view from various angles, Prographers is the perfect partner to help you put the power of 3D product to work for your brand. The team at Prographers is always working to stay ahead of the curve in the eCommerce marketplace, so they can keep their clients there as well. If you’re ready to give online shoppers the full view they deserve, get in touch with us today for a consultation or demo.


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