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Steffany, that improved her bike shop sales!


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steffany riding her bike
Steffany riding a bike in her bike shop.

Steffany is the proud owner of a small bike customization shop. For years, she has been passionate about bikes and tinkering with them to make them her own. Her shop is a labor of love, and she takes great pride in her work.

When Steffany first started her bike customization shop, she used photos for product listing. This allowed her customers to see exactly what they were getting, and she could make sure that each bike was perfectly customized to the buyer’s specifications.

However, she soon realized that this wasn’t the most efficient way to run her business. It was time-consuming to take the bike to a photographer and upload photos of each bike, and she was not often selling the same bike more than once.

The operating cost of just taking the photos for her’s custom-made bikes was over 100$ per bike!

That’s when she switched to using a 3D configurator. This allowed her to create a virtual model of each bike, which could be viewed from any angle. Customers could see exactly what they were getting, and they could make changes to the design if they wanted.

She included a list of optional accessories to each of her sales offers and it took off! She sold on average 3 more accessories than when using photos on her websites. This could be attributed to a higher comprehension of the users of how each accessory would look like and how it translated into the value for the customer.

The switch to a 3D configurator increased her sales by over 30%! and lowered her operating costs. She no longer had to take those big bikes to the photograph for the photo session. She was able to sell more bikes because customers could see exactly what they were getting.

Prographers bike configurator on a e-commerce website
Steffany bike configurator, using Prographers software.

While Steffany is a made-up character, the benefits of using a 3D product configurator for bike shop owners and producers are not. All the data are from our customer’s average data for bike configurators. Check out her’s bike configurator!


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