The process

For us it's one of most important thing. With our process you will be able to track progress every week (sprint) and pay only for current work. We work with full design, development and deploy.

Design thinkingProcess focused on user and business needs.AgileProcess focused on effectiveness in short periods.CONTRACTING- Meeting, briefing - Valuating- ContractingDEPLOYMENTRESEARCHINGDESIGINGDEVELOPINGTESTING- Product, market analysis- Setting up business goals- User analysis/research- User emphasizing- Setting up user goals- Asset creation- Content optimalization- Back-end development- Front-end development- Code optimalization- Bug testing- Usability testing- Reporting- Usability mockup prototyping- Usability testing- User interface creation- Usability testing- Platforms placment- Launching- Supporting

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